QSA To The Natal Vol Amb C

QSA To The Natal Vol Amb C

QSA one bar Relief of Ladysmith LR E S BEARCROFT NATAL VOL AMB C

Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps

This organization was hurriedly constituted by Colonel T. Gallwey, the Principal Medical Officer of Natal to carry the wounded from the battlefields It eventually had a strength of over one thousand. Interestingly, it was supplemented by another 1100 Indians who made up the Natal Indian Ambulance Corps, a separate group led by Mahatma Gandhi. Even though Ghandi’s sympathies were with the Boers, he realized the political value of contributing to the British cause. Although his offer was at first refused, increasing casualties persuaded General Buller, the newly arrived British military leader, to concede: The idea was that the NVAC bearers would run onto the battlefield under fire, place the wounded on stretchers and bring them out of the fight. The Indian Corps would then carry them further to the railhead. On December 14, the Corps left for the front, reaching the field hospital at Chieveley the next day. It was immediately employed in carrying the wounded from the Battle of Colenso. The bearers were then stationed at Estcourt before being summoned on the eve of the battle of Spion Kop. During the big battle there on 24 January 1900, when British suffered heavy casualties, the Natal Volunteer Corps saved the wounded under fire and the Indian Corps carried them from Spion Kop to the base hospital at Frere, more than twenty miles away

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