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Air Crew Europe Star

Air Crew Europe Star

With original ribbon and in EF condition

Code: 50470

285.00 GBP

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CSM Bar Radfan To a Major In The RE

CSM one bar Radfan MAJ J L JEALOUS RE

Together with miniature CSM

medal in EF condition with original ribbon and in box of issue

Code: 50475


IGS Afghan NWF 1919 To An Officer MID 1920

IGS one bar Afghanistan NWF 1919 ( with MID oakleaf) LT A CULLEY 1-76TH PJBIS

Mentioned in Despatches in the London Gazette of the 3rd of August 1920 as Lt ( act Capt ) IARO att 1-76th Punjab R, for services in Afghanistan

Code: 50485


GSM Bar Palestine To the R Sigs , KIA Hong Kong 1941

GSM bar Palestine 2316204 CPL R J COOKE R SIGNALS

Sergt Reginald John Cooke from Washington Co Durham served with the Hong Kong Signal Company Royal Signals and was killed in action in Hong Kong between the 8th and 25th of December 1941

aged 35, he is buried in Stanley cemetery Hong Kong

medal with official correction to the last 3 letters of surname, otherwise in NEF condition

Code: 50494


IGs One Bar To a Native In The Armoured Car Coy Royal Tank Corps

IGS one bar Waziristan 1921-24 COOK BOHWANI 9 A C COY R T C

Medal is in NEF condition

A scarce medal to a native in the Armoured Car Company Royal Tank Corps

Code: 50284

110.00 GBP

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South Atlantic Medal To The RAMC

South Atlantic medal 1982 with Rosette 24297049 L CPL M JASPER RAMC

Medal seldom seen to the RAMC , believed approx. 200-250 issued in total

Medal mounted as originally worn on single mounting pin and in NEF condition

Code: 50403


CSM One Bar Borneo To a Casualty In The R Signals

CSM one bar Borneo 22772473 CPL J R FROGGATT R SIGS

Cpl Froggatt died on the 27th of October 1964 and is buried in Kranchi War Cemetery Singapore his cause of death is unknown to me

Medal is in NEF condition

Code: 50291

170.00 GBP

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NGS Two Bars To The RN

NGS two bars Cyprus Near East P/SSX908756 J F C DEAN AB RN

Medal is in NEF condition

Code: 50314

190.00 GBP

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