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GSM Bar Brunei To The Queens Own Highlanders

GSM one bar Brunei 23545061 L/CPL A MACKENZIE Q O HLDRS

The Queens Own Highlanders were the only Scottish Regiment to receive the Brunei bar

On the 8th of December 1962 there was a revolt in the Sultanate of Brunei , where Azahri's rebels attacked the Sultans palace and other government establishments including those operated by other European nations . the rebels took many hostages and in the process seized the Shell Oil field in a place called Seria

The battalion was immediately tasked to deal with the problem, namely : neutralise the rebels, free the hostages ! Battalion Headquarters and A company moved from Singapore to Brunei by air while B company sailed at full speed on HMS Cavalier

A company carried out its air assault and landed at Seria catching the rebels with complete surprise. The aircraft was still rolling while troops spilled out the rear of the plane and immediately began to engage the Azahri's rebels. After a swift and decisive battle the battalion cleared Seria of rebels, and freed some 46 European hostages , without loss to our troops

The battalion had taken part in it's first active service since being formed and the first success was a spectacular one, an achievement any other regiment would have been equally proud of.

Medal with original ribbon and in GVF condition

Code: 50720


GSM Bar Malaya To The NZ Infantry

GSM bar Malaya ( Eliz II ) 691010 PTE J E RAPER NZ REGT

Medal mounted on single wearing pin and in NEF condition

Code: 50704


IGS Bar NWF 1937-39 To R Sigs, KIA Malaya 1942

IGS one bar North West Frontier 1937-39 2325726 SGLN W C HILLS R SIGNS

William Charles Hills was killed in action on the 24th of December 1941 in Malaya whilst serving with the 9th Indian Divisional Signals

Medal is dark toned 2 slight edge nicks and in NEF condition

Code: 50705

295.00 GBP

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CSM One Bar Borneo To a Casualty In The R Signals

CSM one bar Borneo 22772473 CPL J R FROGGATT R SIGS

Cpl Froggatt died on the 27th of October 1964 and is buried in Kranchi War Cemetery Singapore his cause of death is unknown to me

Medal is in NEF condition

Code: 50291