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Crimea Medal 3 Bars To The 23rd Regiment

Crimea Medal 3 Bars To The 23rd Regiment

Crimea medal 3 bars Alma, Inkermann , Sebastopol officially impressed to H DODD 23RD REGT

Henry Dodd 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers died in the Crimea on the 10th of December 1854 . Medal and bars confirmed on roll

Medal with slight contacting and edge nicks , generally in VF condition

Code: 50880

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Abyssinia Medal To The Royal Navy

Abyssinia Medal To The Royal Navy


Medal generally in GVF condition

Code: 50881

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IGS 95 To The Dorset Regt, Sev Wounded

IGS 95 To The Dorset Regt, Sev Wounded

IGS 2 bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 3251 PTE W TAPPER 1ST BN DORSET REGT

Walter Tapper a 19 year old labourer from Winterbourn Abbas, Dorchester enlisted into the Dorset Regiment in 1891, he served for 12 years and was discharged in 1903 . He is listed in the casualty roll for the Tirah Campaign as severely wounded , contusions, on the 16th of November 1897 at Waran ( Tseri Kandoa) . The regiment had 2 Officers and 9 men KIA and 9 men wounded at this action

Tseri Kandao 16th November 1897

But there had, unhappily, been serious misfortune
in another direction. When the 36th Sikhs had
been sent back to help the 15th, two companies of
the Dorset Regiment had been at the same time
detached to support the 36th. One and a half of
these companies were ordered by the senior officer,
Captain Hammond, to take post in a house on the
line on which the Sikhs were presumably falling
back. The other half-company, with Captain Hammond and Lieutenant Cowie, went on and, as we
have seen, joined, some Colonel Haughton, and some
Major Des Voeux. These men thus got through
the night safely. But the others were shortly after- wards attacked, and, considering their position
untenable, they, unfortunately for themselves, left
their post and attempted to retreat to camp. In
the gathering darkness they missed the road, got
entangled in ravines, very much as the Northamptons did on that fatal 9th, and, assailed on all sides
by the Afridis, were soon broken up into little
knots and groups, which defended themselves indeed
with courage and desperation against their savage
assailants, but, as may be imagined, with small chance
of success. On such ground, and in such circumstances, the Pathan is probably a better man than the
Britisher ; and the result of this deadly struggle in the
dark was that in twos or threes during the night a poor remnant of these Dorsets struggled wounded and
weary into camp, their blood-stained bayonets and
battered gun-stocks attesting the desperate nature of
the conflict in which they had been engaged. But
eleven of them, including their two officers, Lieutenants Crooke and Hales, were left behind dead, and the
rifles of these men fell, of course, into the hands of the
Afridis, who by this time have got quite a good stock
of our Lee-Metfords, and plenty of ammunition.
It is only fair to say, when speaking oi companies
being detached, that I am informed on the best
authority that the party with Lieutenants Crooke
and Hales consisted of only twenty-eight men all
told.The actual casualties on this i6th November
were :

Dorsets.—Killed, Lieutenant Crooke (attached
from Suffolk Regiment), Lieutenant Hales (attached
from East York Regiment), and nine rank and file
wounded, ten rank and file.
15th Sikhs.—Killed, Captain Lewarne, and seven men ; wounded. Colonel Abbott, three native officers,
and fifteen men.

36th Sikhs.—Killed, six men ; wounded, Captain
Custance, Lieutenant Munn, and seven men. 2nd Gurkhas.—Killed, Lieutenant Wylie, and
three men ; wounded, five men.

This his only medal entitlement

Medal is in GVF condition

Code: 50882


QSA 4 Bars To the Life Guards

QSA 4 Bars To the Life Guards

QSA 4 bars , Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, Johannesburg, Wittebergen 2040 TR T SEXTON 1 / L GDS

Thomas Sexton a 6 foot tall 18 year old labourer from Doonaha , County Clare, Ireland enlisted into the Royal Artillery in 1897. He transferred to the Life Guards in 1898 and served with them until 1909 , including one year in South Africa November 1899 until November 1900

Medal in GVF condition

Code: 50886


QSA 6 Bars To The Seaforth Highs, MID And Later Drowned

QSA 6 Bars To The Seaforth Highs, MID And Later Drowned

QSA 6 bars Cape Colony, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Transvaal, Wittebergen, SA01 6283 CORPL J ROSS 2 SEA HIGHRS

Cpl John Ross 2nd Seaforth Highlanders served with the 12th Mounted Infantry and was accidentally drowned at Pienaars River on the 11th of November 1901. He was previously Mentioned in Despatches in the London Gazette of the 10th of September 1901

Medal in toned NEF condition

Code: 50889


Egypt Medal 3 bars To The Black Watch, Wounded

Egypt Medal 3 bars To The Black Watch, Wounded

Egypt Medal ( undated ) 3 bars El Teb Tamaai, The Nile 1884-85, KIrbekan 1069 PTE A WRIGHT 1 / R HIGHRS

Arthur Wright an 18 year old labourer from Barton Suffolk enlisted into the Black Watch at Bury St Edmonds in 1881. He signed his enlistment papers with an X. he served from 1881 until 1888. His papers confirm he was wounded at Tamaai on the 13th of March 1884

Battle of Tamaai 13th March 1884

On the night of 12 March the British formed an encampment, not far from Osman Digna's positions. From around 1 o'clock until dawn, Mahdist riflemen approached the camp and opened fire, but their shooting was imprecise, and they inflicted few casualties.

At dawn, the artillery was brought to bear against the Mahdist skirmishers and they were driven back. The infantry (which included the Black Watch) then formed into two infantry squares each of brigade-size and advanced. One square was commanded by Colonel Davis, with General Graham, and the other by Colonel Buller. A scouting party discovered that the main body of the Mahdist force was hidden in a nearby ravine, whereupon General Graham ordered the Black Watch to charge to clear those Mahdists out, leaving a wide gap where they had been stationed in the square. A sudden onslaught of Mahdists rushed into this gap.

The Black Watch found themselves under intense attack from the Sudanese. The square was flooded with a rush of tribesmen and a brutal hand-to-hand fight resulted. The Black Watch eventually won the contest, driving the Sudanese out, and reforming their square.

Finding themselves in danger of being cut off, the British units fell back in disarray but were quickly reformed in good order. The Mahdist advance was halted by volleys from the other (Buller's) square, which had survived the attack, and by dismounted cavalry units that had not been engaged until then. The concentrated flanking fire inflicted huge casualties among the Mahdists, who were forced to retreat.

The British units then reformed, and resumed their advance, driving the shaken Mahdists out of the ravine and inflicting more casualties on them as they fled. Osman Digna's camp was captured later that day, but Osman Dignan escaped

During this battle, the British suffered more losses than in any other battle of the Mahdist war, 214 soldiers being wounded or killed, ten of whom were officers (Churchill gives 208 men, 13 officers). The Mahdists also suffered heavily, losing 4,000 men,[ci or according to Harbottle, 2,000.

For their conspicuous bravery during the battle, Private Thomas Edwards of the Black Watch and Lieutenant Percival Marling of the King's Royal Rifle Corps were awarded the Victoria Cross

Medal toned with some minor contacting, generally in VF condition

Code: 50890


QSA To ASC With Unusual Rank

QSA To ASC With Unusual Rank

QSA 3 bars Cape Colony ,SA01, SA02, 8804 ARTIFICER L BLUMENTHAL ASC

Medal in GVF condition

Code: 50891

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QSA To The Leicester Regt, Served In Vol Coy

QSA To The Leicester Regt, Served In Vol Coy

QSA no bar 6745 PTE J ROWE 1 LEIC REGT

Medal confirmed on roll as serving with the Volunteer Service Company attached 1st Battalion Leicester Regiment , roll confirms entitlement to bars Laings Nek and Belfast. As is common with medals to Volunteer Service Companies the bars were issued later and never attached to the medal

Medal in toned GVF condition

Code: 50893


QSA 4 Bars To The 49th ( Montgomeryshire) Coy Imp Yeo, Wounded

QSA 4 Bars To The 49th ( Montgomeryshire) Coy Imp Yeo, Wounded

QSA 4 bars Cape colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, SA01 8382 PTE R GITTENS 49TH COY 9TH IMP YEO

Richards Gittens an original member of the first contingent Montgomeryshire Imperial yeomanry was wounded at warm springs on the 3rd of September 1900

A death notice for Richard Gittens appears in the Ciltynydd News stating that he died on the 25th of February 1939, stayed at 72 Ann St Ciltynydd for 47 years but was originally from Newton in Montgomeryshire

Medal bars are loose on ribbon ( a block of 3 and a single SA01 ) as issued, medal has one edge knock not affecting the naming , otherwise in toned VF condition

Code: 50900


IGS Bar Burma 1885-87 To a Drummer In The Liverpool regiment

IGS Bar Burma 1885-87 To a Drummer In The Liverpool regiment

IGS bar Burma 1885-7 346 DRUMR R ELLIS 2D BN L'POOL R

Medal in toned EF condition

Code: 50901

195.00 GBP

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