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NGS Bar Syria To a Royal Marine Sergt

NGS one bar Syria JAMES IZATT

James Izatt earned the Syria bar serving as a Sergt Royal Marines aboard HMS Revenge , He was married in 1834 to his wife Margaret in Dunfermline Scotland and in 1843 is listed as a Colour Sergt Royal Marines living in Woolwich Kent

n the 31st August, HMS Revenge joined the fleet off Beirut and Napier declared a blockade of both Syria and Egypt. In September 1840, Napier's force was joined by the rest of the British Mediterranean Fleet and on September 11th, HMS Revenge along with the rest of the fleet launched a bombardment of Beirut and landed Turkish soldiers and British Marines to drive Egyptian forces out of the city. On September 26th, the fleet bombarded Sidon and landed troops to take the city from the Egyptians.

Sidon was taken on the 28th September and on October 3rd, Beirut fell to the British and their allies. On the 26th September, in operations ashore in support of the troops, Mr William Price, Masters Mate and a Royal Marine of HMS Revenge were killed. The fleet was then ordered to proceed to the only port still held by the Egyptians, the city of Acre. The ship arrived off Acre on the 2nd November and at 14:00 the following day, the bombardment of the city began.

The naval fire was devastating. The British had opened a gunnery school in the years since the end of the wars with the French and the art of gunnery had advanced to the point where it was incredibly accurate compared with that of the French Wars. Although the Egyptian gunners on the fortifications returned fire, their guns were quickly silenced and at 16:20, a British shell entered a magazine and exploded killing 1,100 Egyptians. That night, the ships ceased firing and a combined force of allied and Turkish troops occupied the city. During the Bombardment of Acre, the British ships fired some 48,000 rounds. HMS Revenge had casualties of one seaman and one Royal Marine drummer killed with three seamen and one Royal Marine wounded. After the taking of Acre, Mohammed Ali Pasha's army in Syria collapsed, threatening to plunge Egypt itself into chaos. Commodore Napier was ordered to take his squadron including HMS Revenge to Alexandria and keep an eye on the situation. Napiers squadron arrived on 25th November and initiated a close blockade of the city.

The Second Ottoman Egyptian War was ended by the Convention of Alexandria, in which the Egyptians agreed to end the war, give up their claims to Syria and returned the Ottoman Fleet. In return, the allies agreed to guarantee the sovereignty of Egypt and evacuate the the remains of the Egyptian Army to Alexandria

Medal with ribbon brooch bar and generally in GVF condition

Code: 50502


IGS To The Devon Regt, DOW In The Boer War

IGS the bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 4102 PTE R MORGAN 1ST BN DEVON REGT

Pte Morgan died of wounds at Geluk South Africa on the 28th of August 1900

Medal with two slight edge knocks and in VF condition

Code: 50469

245.00 GBP

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Crimea Medal To a Rider In The Royal Artillery

Crimea medal one bar Sebastopol W SHEPARD , RIDER RL ARTY ( officially impressed)

A rare rank to be found on a medal , short for Rough Rider

Rough Rider is a now defunct rank in the Royal Regiment of Artillery of the British Army and was a rank equivalent to Private. It was previously used in the British and British Colonial Forces and was the rank was commonly displayed as a spur

Medal is in GVF condition

Code: 50480

350.00 GBP

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QSA To The 6/Dgns, Died Of Disease

QSA two bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State 3846 PTE H DOUGLAS 6/DRGNS

Pte H Douglas 6th Inniskilling Dragoons died of disease at Bloemfontein South Africa on the 9th of July 1900

medal with one small edge knock , otherwise in NEF condition

Code: 50482

135.00 GBP

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New Zealand Medal To The 40th Regt

New Zealand Medal reverse dated 1863 to 1864 557 M SLATTERY 40TH REGT

Thomas Slattery from Castletown Queens County Ireland attested for the 40th Regiment in 1860, he served for 20 years including 5 years in New Zealand and 7 years in India , he was discharged In1860, his intended place of residence being Navan County Meath Ireland

This is his only medal entitlement

Medal with some edge knocks but naming clear and medal generally in GVF condition

Code: 50501

450.00 GBP

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QSA To The 9th Co Imp Yeo , Wounded

QSA two bars Cape Colony , Orange Free State 598 PTE A D WILSON 9TH COY 3RD IMP YEO

Arthur D Wilson a 23 year old coach builder from clayton in Bradford enlisted into the Yorkshire hussars Company of the Imperial Yeomanry in June 1900, he served in South Africa from January To April 1900, he received a gun shot wound to the arm at Swartzkopjefontein on the 20th of April 1900 , he was returned to England and admitted to Netley Hospital for treatment on the 24th of May 1900

Medal with 2 slight very edge knocks , with original ribbon and in dark toned GVF condition

Code: 50490


China 1900 Medal To HMS Isis , Died In China

China Medal no bar T CLEARY STO HMS ISIS

Thomas Cleary a 22 year old labourer from Halifax Yorkshire enlisted into the Royal Navy in 1898 , whilst serving on HMS Prince George he deserted for a month but was recovered and went on to serve in HMS Isis in China , he died at the Royal Navy Hospital Hong Kong on he 16th of September 1901, the cause of death at the present time is unknown to me

Medal with original ribbon and in toned EF condition

Code: 50500

295.00 GBP

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Army Of India Bar Ava To the 1st Regt ( Royal Scots )

Army of India Medal one bar Ava SERJT T BAILEY 1ST FOOT

Medal confirmed on roll and is in GVF condition

Code: 50506


Khedives Sudan Medal 2 bars

Khedives Sudan medal with 2 bars Firket Hafir UNNAMED

Medal with original ribbon and is In GEF condition

Code: 50504

185.00 GBP

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Afghan Medal 3 Bars To The 92nd Highs

Afghanistan Medal three bars Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar 502 SERGT J FYFE 92ND HIGHRS

Medal is in toned EF condition

Code: 50510


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