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Crimea Medal 4 bars To The Scots Fus Gds , Wd and died

Crimea medal four bars , Alma, Balaclava, inkermann, Sebastopol officially impressed to JOHN AUSTIN SCOTS FUSR GDS

2568 Private John Austin was slightly wounded at Inkermann on the 5th of November 1854 , he later died at Scutari on the 8th of February 1855

Scots Fusilier Guards at Inkermann

In 1854, the regiment took part in another bloody engagement, at the Battle of Inkerman, at a place known to the British as Mount Inkerman. The British, and their French allies, were attacked by numerically superior Russian troops, hoping to break the Siege of Sevastopol. The attack happened in very thick mist and despite having weak defences and being outnumbered severely, the British defended stoutly against the Russians. The first Russian attacks was completely devastated by the accurate fire of the badly outnumbered British defenders. The Guards helped defend the right of the British defenders, and at Sandbag Battery, performed valiantly in the face of overwhelming Russian numbers, and despite the difficulties the Guards faced, they overcame them and devastated the Russian forces assaulting the Sandbag Battery. The Battle of Inkerman was a victory that had been filled with dreadfully brutal hand-to-hand combat, that, at times, resembled the battles of a far more primitive age, and saw over 2,000 British soldiers killed or wounded out of over 8,000 that took part in the battle, with the Russians suffering over 11,000 casualties. The regiment won its thirteenth battle honour for their part at Inkerman

Appears on the medal roll as Austins and on the casualty roll as Austin however there is only one John Austin or Austins who served in the Crimea with the Scots Fusiliers Guards so obviously the same man

medal is in NEF condition

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Mutiny Medal Bar Central India to a Chaplain


Medal officially impressed and in GVF condition

Code: 50530

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Egypt Medal Bar Tel -El- Kebir To The 1 / R Highs

Egypt medal Dated 1882 one bar Tel-El-Kebir 1409 PTE J GREENAWAY 1/R HRS

Medal with no pitting and in NEF condition

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QSA To The Rifle Bde , KIA

QSA five bars Cape Colony, Tugela Heights , Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laings Nek 3904 PTE J TAYLOR RIFLE BDE

Pte J Taylor 1 Bn Rifle Bde was killed in action at Grootvlei on the 26th of December 1900

The Rifle Brigade at Grootvlei, Boxing Day 1900

After a quiet Christmas based at the Oceana Mine near Grootvlei, Lieutenant-Colonel A. Colville, 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade, proceeded on a farm-clearing expedition, with a small column consisting of six companies of the 1st Battalion, a squadron of the 13th Hussars, four guns of 63 Battery, Royal Field Artillery, as well as one ‘pom-pom’. Colville left ‘F’ Company under the command of Captain Radclyffe, as well as some artillerymen, to guard the baggage wagons based at the mine. The Column moved out in the direction of Roddewal, where after five miles they became involved in a small skirmish at the first of the target farms. During the skirmish a large party of approximately 450 Boers were spotted heading towards the Oceana Mine. A signal was sent to Captain Radclyffe informing him of this development, and he at once set about disposing his small force in an attempt to protect the baggage, with the pom-pom located near a small hollow. After a couple of hours had passed a number of mounted Boers appeared on a ridge a thousand yards away. As Radclyffe’s men opened fire the Boers dismounted, pushed forward, and sent out small parties to the left and right in an encircling movement against the Rifle Brigade position. Under heavy and accurate fire the pompom was moved down towards the hollow and back towards the compound- of the nine men who assisted in moving the pom-pom one was killed and the other eight all wounded.

Seeing that the enemy were now advancing in considerable force, Radclyffe decided to send the baggage back to the Column, whilst attempting to hold the Boers in check for as long as possible. Under cover of heavy Rifle Brigade fire from behind the wagons, the native teams began in spanning the oxen. When they were ready to move the native teams started off the wagons in the direction of Colville’s column and, as they did so, the small Rifle Brigade covering party came under very severe fire and had to retire, as the Boers saw that they were losing their target. During this time, Radclyffe and his sections continued their holding action but suffered a number of casualties, with their ammunition running out fast. With the baggage now well on its way, Radclyffe, who was lying wounded, ordered those in advanced positions who could do so to retire to the compound so as to avoid capture. No.1 section provided covering fire until their ammunition ran out, at which point the Boers advanced rapidly, forcing their surrender, along with the wounded soldiers. Fortunately, at this point, the main column appeared on the horizon, forcing the Boers to withdraw, leaving their wounded prisoners behind. For some time the wounded on the ridge were exposed to fire from both the returning column and the Boers, and a corporal was seen to make a valiant attempt to carry the wounded Radclyffe to safety. Total losses that day were heavy, with 13 Officers and men killed, 44 wounded, and 19 taken prisoner. For his gallantry in defending the position, Captain Radclyffe was awarded the DSO.

Medal with original long length of ribbon and in dark toned NEF condition

Code: 50541


IGS To The Devon Regt, DOW In The Boer War

IGS the bars Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 4102 PTE R MORGAN 1ST BN DEVON REGT

Pte Morgan died of wounds at Geluk South Africa on the 28th of August 1900

Medal with two slight edge knocks and in VF condition

Code: 50469

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Crimea Medal To a Rider In The Royal Artillery

Crimea medal one bar Sebastopol W SHEPARD , RIDER RL ARTY ( officially impressed)

A rare rank to be found on a medal , short for Rough Rider

Rough Rider is a now defunct rank in the Royal Regiment of Artillery of the British Army and was a rank equivalent to Private. It was previously used in the British and British Colonial Forces and was the rank was commonly displayed as a spur

Medal is in GVF condition

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QSA To The 6/Dgns, Died Of Disease

QSA two bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State 3846 PTE H DOUGLAS 6/DRGNS

Pte H Douglas 6th Inniskilling Dragoons died of disease at Bloemfontein South Africa on the 9th of July 1900

medal with one small edge knock , otherwise in NEF condition

Code: 50482

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New Zealand Medal To The 40th Regt

New Zealand Medal reverse dated 1863 to 1864 557 M SLATTERY 40TH REGT

Thomas Slattery from Castletown Queens County Ireland attested for the 40th Regiment in 1860, he served for 20 years including 5 years in New Zealand and 7 years in India , he was discharged In1860, his intended place of residence being Navan County Meath Ireland

This is his only medal entitlement

Medal with some edge knocks but naming clear and medal generally in GVF condition

Code: 50501


China 1900 Medal To HMS Isis , Died In China

China Medal no bar T CLEARY STO HMS ISIS

Thomas Cleary a 22 year old labourer from Halifax Yorkshire enlisted into the Royal Navy in 1898 , whilst serving on HMS Prince George he deserted for a month but was recovered and went on to serve in HMS Isis in China , he died at the Royal Navy Hospital Hong Kong on he 16th of September 1901, the cause of death at the present time is unknown to me

Medal with original ribbon and in toned EF condition

Code: 50500

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Khedives Sudan Medal 2 bars

Khedives Sudan medal with 2 bars Firket Hafir UNNAMED

Medal with original ribbon and is In GEF condition

Code: 50504

185.00 GBP

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