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Army LSGC To The RAMC, POW Hong Kong And Lisbon Maru Survivor

Army LSGC ( Geo VI ) 3051935 SJT G ALLAN RAMC

Sgt George Allan , originally a male nurse from Edinburgh was taken POW at the fall of Hong Kong on the 25th of December 1941, he was held at Shamshuipou camp until the 27th of September 1941 when he was taken on board the Lisbon Maru for transportation to Japan. On the 1st of October 1942 the Lisbon Maru was torpedoed by the USS Grouper six miles from Tung Fusham Island off the coast of China. He survived the sinking and was re-grouped with forty other survivors at shanghai but was found unfit for onward transport to Japan at that time. In June 1945 he was transported via Korea to the Hakodate camp in Japan. He was liberated on the 15th of September 1945

Lisbon Maru was a Japanese cargo liner built at Yokohama in 1920 for a Japanese shipping line. During World War II the ship became an armed troopship. On her final voyage Lisbon Maru was also transporting prisoners-of-war between Hong Kong and Japan when torpedoed on 1 October 1942, sinking with a loss of over 800 lives

On 1 October 1942 the Lisbon Maru was torpedoed by USS Grouper. The Japanese troops were evacuated from the ship but the POWs were not; instead the hatches were battened down above them and they were left on the listing ship. After 24 hours it became apparent that the ship was sinking and the POWs were able to break through the hatch covers. Some were able to escape from the ship before it sank. The ladder from one of the holds to the deck failed, and the Royal Artillery POWs in the hold could not escape; they were last heard singing "It's a Long Way to Tipperary". Survivors reported that Japanese guards first fired on the POWs who reached the deck; and that other Japanese ships used machine guns to fire at POWs who were in the water. Later, however, after some Chinese fishermen started rescuing survivors, the Japanese ships also rescued survivors.
The British government insisted that over 800 of these men died either directly as a result of the sinking, or were shot or otherwise killed by the Japanese while swimming away from the wreck. The ship was not marked to alert Allied forces to the nature of its passengers. However, over 1,000 Allied prisoners were rescued by the Japanese military. The Japanese Government insisted that British prisoners were in fact not deliberately killed by Japanese soldiers and criticised the British statement

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1914/15 trio And Memorial Plaque To The Essex Regt

1914/15 Trio and Memorial Plaque 17033 PTE-SJT F PEAD ESSEX R Memorial Plaque FREDERICK PEAD

Sgt Frederick Pead from Romford served with the 9th Essex Regiment and was killed in action on the 6th of April 1918 . he has no known grave and is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial France

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Volunteer LSGC ( EDVII ) To The 1/London REV


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