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Group Of 4To Lieut RA, MID For Palestine

Defence Medal, War Medal , GSM one bar Palestine 1945-48 LT K H JEFFERY RA, Coronation Medal 1953

Together with miniature medals

Lieut K H Jeffery 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery served in Palestine from the 5th of July 1947 to the 21st of February 1948. He was MID for gallant and distinguished service in Palestine during the period 27th of March -26th of September 1947 in the London Gazette of the 7th of January 1949

Full size and miniature medals mounted as originally worn and in NEF condition

Code: 50735


WW1 Pair And Plaque To Capt 15th Hamps Regt , KIA


Captain Stanley Thompson 15th ( 2nd Portsmouth ) Battalion The Hampshire Regiment , Son of the late Henry Thompson (Surgeon) and of Alice Eveline Quain (formerly Thompson), of "Sideways," Waddesdon, Aylesbury, Bucks. Native of Hull, Yorks , he was killed in action on the 15th of September 1916 during the attack on Flers.The battalion lost almost half it's strength this day.

From the regimental war diary of the 15th Hampshire Regiment , 15th of September 1916

"The action commenced with the battalion moving across no man's land just behind the barrage , the barrage in front of this battalion was excellent, just what the men had been trained to expect and came up to expectations so far as keeping the enemy quiet . Things were not so satisfactory on the left however for a full 10 minutes was taken up before 3 machine guns were silenced . These guns took a heavy toll of the left platoons company commanders , no less than 3 being fatally hit before the first objective was won, Capt H E Carrington, Capt S Thompson and Capt Stapleton"

The battalion casualties in this attack were 8 officers KIA , 5 wounded , 31 o/r's KIA , 60 missing and 188 wounded , the vast majority of the missing later listed as KIA

These medals were originally purchased by me around 35 years ago in the Barras market Glasgow , they were then in a frame with the recipients brothers 15 star BWM and Plaque ( Can Inf ) , I sold them together approx 30 years ago and have just recently bought the pair and plaque back

Medals and plaque in NEF condition with original ribbons

Code: 50736


QSA 5 Bars To 4th Batt RFA, KIA

QSA 5 bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State , Transvaal, SA01, SA02 17357 DVR W H MORGAN 4TH BTY RFA

William H Morgan a 20 year old groom from Liverpool enlisted into the Royal Field Artillery at Liverpool in 1896, his next of kin being shown as his mother Kate who was living at 13 Plumpton St off Everton Rd Liverpool. He served with the 4th battery Royal Field Artillery and was listed as missing later confirmed killed in action ( gunshot wounds ) at Klerksdorp on the 25th of February 1902 . He is commemorated on the Royal Artillery Memorial St James's Park north-east corner. The Mall, London, England

Medal in lightly toned NEF condition

Code: 50737


IGS Bar NWF 1908 To RFA , Wounded on NWF 1908


Emmanuel Mitchelmore an 18 year old labourer from Kings Bridge Devon enlisted into the RGA in 1899 , he served in India from January 1901 to February 1911 and was finally discharged at Gosport on the 8th of February 1911 after 12 years service. He received a gunshot wound to the right hand in action on the 18th of February 1908 during the expedition into the Bazar Valley against the Zakka Khel Afridis

" As usual in this type of warfare , the return journey was closely followed by the enemy. They closed in on the rear guard and flanks as soon as the column began to move off and especially selected for attack the mountain guns ( 3rd Mountain battery RGA ) escorted by men of the Seaforths , moving through fairly open country south of China, and the 54th Sikhs on flank "

The total casualties sustained by the expedition were 3 KIA , 3 DOW and 35 wounded , 2 KIA , 1 DOW and 8 wounded being British Troops , 6 of the wounded belonging to the 3rd Mountain Battery RGA

This the recipients only medal awarded during his service

Medal with official correction to the first e in surname, otherwise in toned NEF condition

Code: 50738

425.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Sudan Pair To The Royal Artillery

Queens Sudan Medal 97723 GR J ATTREALL RA Khedives Sudan Medal one bar The Atbara 27723 GUNNER J ATTREALL 16 COY ED RA

James Attreall a 18 year old labourer from Rudmell Lewes Sussex enlisted into the Royal Garrison Artillery at Lewes in January 1893 , he served for 19 years, finally being discharges in 1912 , the only medals being awarded to the recipient during his service being the Sudan Medals

The Atbara 8th April 1898

Three hundred miles north of Khartoum lies Atbara, at the confluence of the eponymous river and the Nile. Kitchener had established a fort at the junction of the rivers, and the Khalifa ordered one of his generals, Emir Mahmud Ahmed, north to engage the British. However, Mahmud did not engage immediately, pausing instead on March 20th 1898 twenty miles south of Kitchener's fort, and erecting his own fortified camp, with trenches and zarebas, ( a barriers of thorn bushes.)

After preparing for the expected attack Kitchener realised that Mahmud was reluctant to fight, and so he decided to take the initiative. On April 7th he ordered a night march across the gravelly desert which allowed his forces to be in a position to attack at dawn the next day. The British-Egyptian force had about ten and a half thousand troops, against the Mahdists' fifteen thousand, which included five thousand cavalry. However, Kitchener's troops were all armed with modern rifles, while their enemy were mostly (though not all) armed with spears and swords.

​At dawn Kitchener's four artillery batteries opened fire on the Mahdist camp. The cannonade lasted for just over an hour, during which the Mahdist cavalry attempted an attack, only to driven back by the British Maxim guns. Once the artillery had ceased the infantry were ordered forward, with Sudanese and Egyptian troops to the right and in the centre, with the British contingent of Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders, supported by the 1st Royal Warwickshire and the 1st Lincolns, to the left.

Protected by the thick zareba the Mahdists poured a torrent of gunfire into the troops advancing up the gravel slope, with the Sudanese in the centre in particular experiencing heavy losses. On the left the Camerons were in front, with the Seaforths behind. Soon the Camerons were close enough to the zareba for some of the troops to begin pulling it down, while others fired through the gaps created. Then through and over those gaps drove the Seaforths. Soon fierce hand-to-hand fighting ensued, with no quarter given; in the trenches that lay behind the zareba more than two thousand Mahdist bodies lay at the close of the fighting. With them lay eighty British casualties.

A very scarce pair of medals to the Royal Artillery, the only British Artillery present during the Battle of Atbara being a Maxim Gun detachment of the 16th Company Eastern Division Royal Garrison Artillery. They received a total of 34 Atbara bars , 5 as single bars and 29 with Khartoum bars also and 27 Atbara bars all with Khartoum also to Egyptian Drivers attached to the battery . The other 4 batteries present during the Battle of Atbara being Egyptian Artillery

Medal mounted on original ribbons with pin mount , with contact marks and in NVF condition

Code: 50740


WW2 Group To The Border R , Wounded 1940, KIA As a Chindit

1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal, War Medal all in packets of issue with condolence slip named to Pte J WAUGH and in box of issue addressed to J C WAUGH MOOR HOUSE WALTON BRAMPTON CUMBERLAND

3598225 Pte John Waugh 4th Border Regiment was the 38 year old son of Frank and Margaret Waugh; husband of Jessie Raff Waugh, of Brampton, Cumberland , he was wounded in France in 1940 and killed in action in Burma on the 1st of May 1944

4th Border Regiment in WW2

May – June 1940: After the main force of the B.E.F. had been evacuated from the beaches. The Battalion part of the new 23rd Brigade attached to the 1st Armoured Division along with a further Division and communications and troops, stayed on overseas.
June 1940: The Battalion moved north towards Fécampe where it met the 7th German Panzers and then withdrew to Le Havre where the Battalion went by ship to Cherbourg.
18 June 1940: It moved to Rennes and then on to Brest. It boarded a ship for Southampton
March 1941: The Battalion left for Suez and went on to Sidi Barrani, supporting Wavell's offensive in Syria. The Battalion, now based in Kiam patrolled the central sector generally under continuous shelling.
Now as part of the 6th British Division, the 4th returned to the Western Desert.
October 1941: It went to Tobruk and relieved the Australians. During the siege, the Battalion became part of the 70th British Division, the only British Division of infantry in the Middle East at the time and eventual taking Tobruk.
1942: Along with the same Division, the Battalion, was sent to India and Burma,
1944: Now attached to the 23rd Indian Infantry Brigade, Special Force, 3rd Indian Infantry Division and was involved in Gen. Wingate's 2nd Chindit Expedition code named Operation Thursday

Medal in mint condition

Code: 50741

375.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Mercantile Marine Pair, KIA

Mercantile Marine Pair CHARLES J CAMPBELL

Charles John Campbell the 27 year old Son of Mary Campbell, of 669, Argyle St., Glasgow, and the late Charles Campbell was killed in action aboard the SS Garmoyle on the 10th of July 1917. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial

The cargo ship SS Garmoyle was torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean 14 nautical miles south east of Mine Head, County Cork by SM U-57 ( Imperial German Navy) with the loss of twenty crew

The U57 sunk approx 57 allied vessels and damaged 6, the vast majority being British

Medals with some edge bruising

Code: 50742

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Royal Humane Society Medal To The Royal Fusiliers

Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal FUS THOMAS B ATTERBURY 13TH (HD) BN ROYAL FUSILIERS 23RD DEC 1939

Thomas B. Atterbury, 13th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, successfully saved life at Woolwich Arsenal on 23 December 1939. (R.H.S. Case No. 55,64)

Medal with original buckle and ribbon and in EF condition

Code: 50744

225.00 GBP

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1914 Star And Bar Trio, Wilts R , KIA

1914 star and bar trio 8034 PTE H G SAINSBURY 2 / WILTS R

Hedley Giles Sainsbury 2nd Wiltshire Regiment, the 25 year old Son of George Sainsbury, of 7, Green Croft, Salisbury.was reported wounded in a War Office list published on the 27th of November 1914, he was later killed in action on the first day of the Battle of Loos , the 25th of September 1915. He is buried in the Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez

Medals generally in GVF condition

Code: 50745

265.00 GBP

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Army LSGC (Vic) Large Letter Reverse To The RA

Army LSGC (Vic) Large Letter Reverse to J SCOPES GR 7 DR RL ARTY

James Scopes an 18 year old labourer from Rendlesham Woodbridge Suffolk enlisted into the Royal Artillery in April 1838, he served abroad in Canada for 5 years 10 months and was discharged in May 1861. This is his only medal entitlement

Medal with contacting and edge marks, generally in NVF condition

Code: 50746


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