Afghan Medal To The 72nd Highs, Wounded In VC Action At Kabul

Afghan Medal To The 72nd Highs, Wounded In VC Action At Kabul

Afghan Medal 2 bars Charasia Kabul 58B/695 PTE R KINNAIRD 72ND HIGHRS

Robert Kinnaird enlisted into the 72nd Seaforth highlanders at Stirling in June 1876. He served in the East Indies from November 1877 and was severely wounded at the storming of the Asmai Heights Kabul on the 14th of December 1879, receiving gunshot wounds to both thighs including a fractured left thigh bone.

The above abbreviated information is extracted from a letter submitted in 1925 from Robert Kinnaird in Glasgow seeking an uplift to his disability pension of £7 / 15 s a quarter , this is available on line

12 - 14 Dec 1879 Asmai Heights

The battle for Kabul started in earnest on the 11th Dec 1879. The 72nd were allotted with defending the Asmai Heights outside the city and from the 12th to the 14th Dec. The Highlanders were getting a worried, as the Afghans attacks were getting fiercer with every attack and the fighting was sea-sawing back and forth over this barren rocky Heights, the fighting becoming more vicious by every hour. Gen Roberts realised that he could only hold the Afghans back for a few days. During the battle at Asmai Heights 14th Dec 1879. L/Cpl Geo Sellers. 72nd Highlanders won the Victoria Cross.

Medal in toned GVF condition

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